June 10 – June 20

2024 Session Calendar

June 10 – June 20

Summer 2-Week Sessions Enrollment
Classes meet 4 days-a-week for 2-weeks.
Week 1 – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
Week 2 – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

With the Pool School’s highly successful play based curriculum, students have fun while developing skills and confidence.  From tots to triathletes, from basic water safety to swim team there’s something for everyone at the Pool School.
Summer 2-Week classes include group lessons in Levels 1-8 (ages 3-13), Level 1-3 Teen (ages 11-14) Parent/Tot (ages 18mo up to 3yrs) and Adult (ages 15 and up).  Private lessons are available by appointment.  See schedules and registration links below.

New Level 1 Class PreTeen

NEW GROUP FOR OLDER STUDENTS:  Level 1-3 PreTeen is for ages 6-11 years old.


When and Where:
Classes are held 4 days-a-week for 2-weeks at the Compton Aquatic Center on the Collierville campus of St. George’s Independent School.

Paid at the time of registration, $190.00

No Contract: 
Our policy agreement is included in the enrollment form.  You will receive a copy in the confirmation email.

Parent Portal:
The Pool School Parent Portal and app are a great way to manage your students enrollment, absences and make-up lessons.  There you can add classes, make payments and send emails to our admin staff.  Don’t forget to opt in for text messaging.  It’s our first line of communication to parents and students during bad weather events and the like.

To withdraw enrollment a “Withdrawal Form” must be submitted no later than 7 days prior to the 1st class of the session.

Tuitions are to be paid at the time of enrollment.
A payment receipt will be emailed to the billing contact’s email address on file.
PAYMENTS METHODS ACCEPTED – Debit/Card Credit Visa/MasterCard


Level 1

Level 1 is for the inexperienced swim students, ages 3 – 12 years. Level 1 Students are taught pool safety and foundation swim skills that give them confidence to start swimming independently. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND All 3, 4 & 5 year old children, take a Level 1 class, if they have not had swim lessons previously.

Must be 3 years old, under 3 may enroll in Parent/Tot class.

Level 2

Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor

Prerequisite: Plays well in the water, blows bubbles, will submerge head under water, sit independently on steps


Level 3

 Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor

Prerequisite: Front glide to instructor without aid and back float

Level 4

Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor

Swim with arms out of water and face in the water, without flotation devices

Level 5

Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor

Swim with arms out of the water, some breathing to the side in sequence with arms

Level 6

Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor

Prerequisite: Swim 12 (half length of pool) yards front crawl and backstroke

Level 7

Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor

Prerequisite:  Swim 17 yards front crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke

Level 8


Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor

Prerequisite:  Swim 25 yards front crawl with proper breathing and backstroke without fins