Swim Lessons for children and adults.

Positive Reinforcement

The Pool School’s well trained staff provides a structured, progressive program to build swimming techniques from beginners to experts.

Safety First

Safety is always our first and most important priority. Safety skills are practiced during every class.

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Enjoy the Experience
The Pool School, classes are designed to fit your needs so that your swimmer will succeed.
Expert Instruction
The Pool School, Well-Trained Instructors bring the knowledge needed to help students of all abilities obtain success.
Range of Skills Offered.
The Pool School, curriculum is designed to lead your swimmer from beginner to swim team ready.
History of Success
Over a quarter of a century and more than 25,000 families have become successful swimmers using The Pool School program.

Learn in a fun and safe Environment!


Safe, Comfortable and Quality Facility

Located in the Compton Aquatic Center on the St. George's Independent School campus, our facility is designed a true competitive venue. Including deep water, competitive lanes, starting blocks and more. Also, a warm water training pool for beginners to intermediate swimmers. Water is kept at a very comfortable 90 degrees year-round.
The Pool School, facilities allow for a safe and comfortable environment for training of all ages and in all seasons. Whether it’s January or July our pool water temperature is a very comfortable 90 degrees.
The Pool School, team of coaches has over 90 collective years of teaching experience, ensuring your student reaches their goals.
The Pool School moto is, “Teach the child not the class”. Our instructors teach each student based on his or her current skills. This allows for progression when mastering each level. Results are what get the job done, and your swim advancement is our #1 priority!

Why Coach Rob?

Coach Rob has developed swimmers of all ages for over 50 years.

Coach Rob and Janice Snowberger have been instructing since The Pool School’s beginnings in 1995. As a level 5 swim coach, the American Swim Coaches Association’s highest classification, he has developed over 25,000 students using his highly efficient and effective methods. His credentials include Head Coach of the US National Junior Team, Assistant Coach at University of Alabama under Olympic swim Coach Don Gambril, while being nominated as coach of the year in many locations. He served as Saint  George’s High School swim coach for 17 years.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Please bring swimsuit, towel and as optional, goggles.  For children in the Parents-Tots class, we require reusable or disposable swim diapers.

Skills listed under each level are those necessary to begin the class.
Level 1 – Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor:  Level 1 is for the inexperienced swim students, ages 3 – 12 years. Level 1 Students are taught pool safety and foundation swim skills that give them confidence to start swimming independently. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND All 3, 4 & 5 year old children, take a Level 1 class, if they have not had swim lessons previously.
Must be 3 years old, under 3 may enroll in Parent Tot class.

Level 2 – Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor: Plays well in the water, blows bubbles, will submerge head under water, sit independently on steps

Level 3 – Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor:  Front glide to instructor without aid and back float

Level 4 – Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor:  Swim with arms out of water and face in the water, without flotation devices

Level 5 – Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor:  Swim with arms out of the water, some breathing to the side in sequence with arms

Level 6 – Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor:  Swim 12 (half length of pool) yards front crawl and backstroke

Level 7 – Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor:  Swim 17 yards front crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke

Level 8 – Maximum class size: 4 students per instructor:  Swim 25 yards front crawl with proper breathing and backstroke without fins

Yes.  At The Pool School, the small pool water temperature is kept at 90°F (32.22 °C).
That’s right, a warm 90 degrees.
Students enjoy the comfort of warm water, while having fun learning to swim.

The length of time needed for a child to learn to swim is nearly impossible to forecast.  Not much different from learning other physical skills such as riding a bike, learning to swim uses motor skills they have yet to master. Physical abilities and confidence play a major role in the learning process. An older and more confident student will progress faster than a younger less experienced student by comparison. The Pool School instructors are committed to allowing each student to learn and develop at their own pace. Our goal is to see each student master the skill sets needed to become strong swimmers and enjoy the learning process.

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