The Lightning Swim Team offers child and parent an introduction to the sport of competitive swimming. The group size is expanded to 8 swimmers, which introduces the student to swim team characteristics. The instructor, who is referred to as “Coach,” will often be out of the water coaching from the side of the pool. At this level swimmers get a work out that offers fitness and fun in addition to skill development. Swimmers who are interested in competitive swimming may work toward making the transition to more advanced programs.

The Lightning Swim Team makes fitness a component of each lesson. Although stroke technique is still the main focus, increased yardage develops strength and endurance. Because of the increased distance demands, to join this group swimmers must be able to swim one length of the pool front crawl with proper breathing technique and one length backstroke without using fins.

The Pool School Lightning competes in the Memphis Swim Conference (MSC), a group of similarly structured teams in the Mid-South. Meets are held once a month in the fall/winter and biweekly in the summer. Each season culminates in a championship meet. Meets last between 2 and 3 hours, with the championship meet lasting all day. This league is focused on the entry-level athlete and is a great place to begin a swimming career or just have fun.

Swim Meet Information:

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