Coach Rob's Pool School Enrollment Withdrawal Form.

To withdraw from enrollment in next month's class Withdrawal Form must be submitted no later that the 20th. If you do not submit a Withdrawal Form by the 20th you will be obligated for next month's enrollment fee. By submitting this form you forfeit the spot you or your child held during active enrollment. For questions please call our office at 901-386-1999 Monday thru Friday, 9am-6pm.


• Withdrawal form must be received by the 20th of the month prior to the effective withdrawal month. Example: Withdrawal from enrollment for the month of September would be submitted by August 20th.

• Once payment has been received, you are committed to that month. We do not provide partial refunds for withdrawing earlier than the end of a month.

• I understand that my child’s spot in that class is no longer held one I withdraw.

• I understand that make-ups from previous absences are forfeited when I withdraw and will not be carry over to re-enrollment.

• Evaluated skills are kept on file for one year from withdrawal date so students can re-enroll where the left off.

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