Class Level Assessment


Let's find out what Class Level is best!

Class Level Assessement

To place your child in the proper swimming environment, The Pool School curriculum is divided into eight class levels. It is important to properly place your child for maximum teaching efficiency and safety. Please note that Levels 5-6-7-8 are taught in deep water; to ensure safety students must possess independent swimming ability.  We HIGHLY RECOMMEND All 3, 4 & 5 year old children, take a Level 1 class, if they have not had swim lessons previously.

The Pool School Parent Tot Swim Lessons

The Pool School parent/tot class prepares children for group lessons and is a great beginning to their swimming education. Parents are provided a chance to spend precious one-on-one moments with their child while teaching entry-level swim skills and safety.

Skills listed under each level are those necessary to begin the class.

Level 1 is for the inexperienced swim students, ages 3 – 12 years. Level 1 Students are taught pool safety and foundation swim skills that give them confidence to start swimming independently.

Level 2 Requirements: Plays well in the water, blows bubbles, will submerge head under water.

Level 3 Requirements: Front glide to instructor without aid and back float.

Level 4 Requirements: Swim with arms out of water and face in the water, without flotation devices.

Level 5 Requirements: Swim with arms out of the water, some breathing to the side in sequence with arms.

Level 6 Requirements: Swim 12 (half length of pool) yards Front Crawl and Backstroke.

Level 7 Requirements: Front Glide to instructor without aid and Back Float.

Level 8 Requirements: Swim 25 yards front crawl with proper breathing and backstroke without fins.

The Pool School Adult Swim Lessons

Many of The Pool School student’s parents are providing their children with opportunities that they did not have growing up. They watch their children swim and wish they had learned to swim. They can! Enjoy the water as much as your children, learn to swim for fun and fitness! Call 901-386-1999 or Enroll online.