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Coach Rob's Pool School, is pleased to announce our New Automatic Enrollment for 2020.
Simply enroll at anytime during the month and your tuition will be prorated to your date of enrollment. The day and time you select for your child at enrollment will be your spot to keep until you withdraw your enrollment.

Winter, Spring and Fall classes are now on automatic enrollment. Tutions for these classes are billed and payable on the 25th monthly.

To withdraw from enrollment please follow the link and directions found in the Pool School Parent Portal on our Latest Announcements page.
The class tuition fees are based on the number of days the class meets each month (not attendance). See Session Calendar.
Summer Tuitions are paid at the time of enrollment.

FAQ Automatic Re-enrollment:

We know you might have questions, so I put together a FAQ list of what you might be wondering about. Please don't hesitate to give us a call or email us with any questions you may have.

QUESTION: Can I opt out for a month?

QUESTION: When do I need to opt out so I'm not billed for the next month?
ANSWER: At anytime during your enrollment before the 20th of the month, you can withdraw enrollment for the following month by submitting a Withdrawal Form located in our Customer Portal. 

QUESTION: Am I guaranteed a spot when I start back?
ANSWER: The time/day (spot) of your regular class is not guaranteed to be open when you return.

QUESTION: Why is the price different for some months?
ANSWER: You only pay for the days a class meets during the month.  Example: Some months have 5 Mondays while others may only have 4.  (See the Session Calendar)

QUESTION: Can I get make-up lessons for missed lessons?
ANSWER:  We will try to accommodate you; however, make-up lessons are not guaranteed. All make-up lessons, times and dates will be based on space available. Instructional make-up lessons are not offered during the Spring and Summer sessions. Make-up lessons should be scheduled within one week of the date of absence. Make-up request received after the session ends, will not be considered eligible for make-up. Eligible Make-ups are valid while you are enrolled. All unused make ups expire when you withdraw and are not carried over upon re-enrollment.

QUESTION: What if my child advances a level during the month?
ANSWER: Coach Rob's Pool School teaches each student according to their individual skills. Your student would be moved to another class, hopefully at the same time.  There may be times when we have to work together on your child class schedule.