The Pool School, will remain closed until the school campus is reopened. As of 3/31/2020 our reopen date is undetermined. Our hope is this difficult time will pass soon and we can then resume our normal schedules.


In light of the rapidity evolving COVID-19 situation, St. George’s, in the interest of the entire school community, has decided to close the campus until March 30th.

Coach Rob’s Pool School is a member of the St. George’s community and will also close till the end of the month.

COVID-12 Information and Resources:

Shelby County Health Department

Center for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19

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Coach Rob Snowberger


Coach Rob's Pool School, is pleased to announce our New Automatic Enrollment for 2020.
Simply enroll at anytime during the month and your tuition will be prorated to your date of enrollment. The day and time you select for your child at enrollment will be your spot to keep until you withdraw your enrollment.