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2014 Class Schedule

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Four-Week Sessions

Students can attend one or two times a week. Twice weekly lessons are scheduled either:

Monday - Wednesday or
Tuesday - Thursday

Classes begin:
January 6, February 3, March 3, March 31, April 28, May 31 - Saturday classes, June 28 - Saturday classes, August 11, September 8, October 6, November 3

Two-Week Sessions

Students attend Monday thru Thursday for two weeks.

Classes begin:
May 27, June 9, June 23, July 7

Class Times

August – May:
3:30, 4:05, 4:40, 515, 5:50, 6:25

June – July:
9:00, 9:35, 10:10, 10:45, 11:20 and the above afternoon times

Placing Your Child

To place your child in the proper swimming environment, The Pool School curriculum is divided into eight class levels (see panel below). It is important to properly place your child for maximum teaching efficiency and safety. Please note that Levels 5-6-7-8 are taught in deep water; to ensure safety students must possess independent swimming ability.

Skills listed under each level are those necessary to begin the class.
Class Levels

Skills listed are necessary to begin each level.

Level 1 – Limited to 4 students per instructor
No water experience, timid around water or may not like to get their face wet. Must be 3 years old, under 3 may enroll in Parent/Tot class.

Level 2 – Limited to 4 students per instructor
Plays well in the water, blows bubbles, will submerge head under water

Level 3 – Limited to 4 students per instructor
Front glide to instructor without aid and back float

Level 4 – Limited to 4 students per instructor
Swim with arms out of water and face in the water, without flotation devices

Level 5- Limited to 5 students per instructor
Swim with arms out of the water, some breathing to the side in sequence with arms

Level 6 – 5 students per instructor
Swim 12 (half length of pool) yards front crawl and backstroke

Level 7 – 5 students per instructor
Swim 17 yards front crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke

Level 8- Lightning Swim Team - 8 students per class
Swim 25 yards front crawl with proper breathing and backstroke without fins